YOU CAN TALK all you like about the quality of a photo paper, but the only way to really know for sure whether it’s going to be the media you’re happy to supply to your clients is by seeing first-hand how it handles your files. It’s a simple enough proposition, but one that requires not just a lot of confidence from those supplying the prints, but also a huge amount of investment and logistics solving as well. But this is exactly what Fujifilm and One Vision Imaging have done a number of times since 2018 with their ground breaking ‘Print to Prove It’ joint promotion, and it’s worked fantastically well by giving end users a free set of prints to check out in their own home.

“The idea for Print to Prove It came out of a number of interactions with photographers around the subject of printing style and paper choice,” says Derek Poulston, owner and managing director at One Vision Imaging. “Many of them had ordered up fine art giclée inkjet prints and had been disappointed with the outcome, more often than not because the photo they wanted to print was not suitable for that particular approach.


TO SIGN UP you’ll need to head for and then fill out your details and decide which finish you would like to take a look at. You’ll have the choice of Lustre or Gloss finish and can order up to three prints at either 10x8in or 12x8ins in size. The media your prints will be output on will be Fujifilm’s latest Crystal Archive Type DP II silver halide paper, whose stunning performance is well worth checking out! It takes just a matter of moments to input your details and to sign up for a voucher.

“In response, we began to send out a selection of different style photographic prints along with the fine art inkjet prints to demonstrate the differences in printing styles. As a business, we found that this helped our customers see for themselves which printing style fitted their image, which was usually printing on photographic paper.”

This ultimately led to the idea for the Print to Prove It scheme. With Fujifilm on board as a partner, photographers were offered three free prints to see for themselves the quality that could be achieved by using One Vision’s professional grade equipment to output on to high-quality Fujifilm Crystal Archive paper.

Why You Need to Print

If you simply supply digital files to your clients, you’re only doing half the job.  Those who don’t offer prints are missing a huge opportunity to expand their business,” says Derek, “as more than ever we’re finding that customers are falling back in love with print and are wanting to display their photos physically in the home as well as digitally.”

While the prints are totally free you’ll need to pay for the postage and full terms and conditions can be found on the voucher. Sign up to receive your voucher at the dedicated website:

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