IF YOU’RE A PROFESSIONAL photographer then it’s pretty much a given that you’ve been collecting kit throughout your entire career, upgrading cameras, lenses and accessories as you go and probably then relegating your outdated gear to the back of a dusty cupboard once it’s not on the front line.

The fact is that it’s traditionally been a hassle moving unwanted kit on. You’ve got to pay to list it, deal with the responses – if you get any – and then package it up and send it out, and there’s the constant worry that fraudsters will somehow get involved and you’ll be ripped off. You could also find that, down the line, something goes wrong with the gear you’ve sold that you didn’t know about and you’re faced with a demand to return the money. It’s just too tempting to store things away and forget about them, but now things are changing.

The most economically viable and environmentally responsible way to go these days is to put your unwanted gear back into circulation and to trade up to acquire the next level equipment you need to move your business on.

Second hand specialists such as MPB have helped to change the entire landscape of selling and buying, and it’s now straightforward, safe and profitable to sell on the things you don’t need to raise the cash for fresh purchases and to acquire what you’re after via the used equipment market. So what are you waiting for? Head for that cupboard and start trading!


Lightweight Travel Cameras

AS THE WORLD slowly but surely starts to open up again so professionals are starting to look once more at the potential for travel. For those with the necessary sense of adventure allied to entrepreneurial skills the opportunity exists to fund an exciting lifestyle via a popular YouTube channel, while for others the aim is to come back with stock images and footage that goes out to libraries and is sold direct to clients.

Mirrorless models are particularly well suited to the demands of travel, and are designed to be small, robust and to offer all the benefits of high quality, interchangeable lenses that previously were only available to those using much larger DSLRs. They are also universally brilliant at delivering very usable video footage, crucial since so many travel specialists these days need to post moving footage as well as stills.

There are also specialist models out there that have been specifically designed with the requirements of those on the move firmly in mind. The MFT-sensored Panasonic Lumix G100, for example, is not much bigger than a smartphone and yet it comes with a comprehensive feature set and a huge Cameras selection of compatible lenses. Meanwhile well-equipped compact cameras such as the Fujifilm X100V, which features at its heart an impressive 26.1MP sensor, could provide alternative options. Super small and transportable and with a high quality 23mm f/2 lens, this camera can deliver resolution-packed images that are easily up to the standard required for a travel blog or to illustrate a travel feature for a magazine, and yet it will still slip into a pocket. Couple this with an accessory such as the Manfrotto Mini Tripod and you have a flexible and adaptable outfit.

For anyone travelling the essence is back-up, so that you’re not caught out on the road with a camera that’s broken down and no way of being able to carry on working. So the ideal kit is likely to be a couple of compatible mirrorless bodies, plus a wide fixed lens and maybe a compact medium range zoom to provide more flexibility, potentially a high quality compact that can cover you for street photography and a travel tripod and maybe a small LED light and an SSD for back-up.

What is Travel Kit Perfect For?

❚ Being lightweight and compact, travel cameras can fit into a carry-on bag so that they never leave your sight.
❚ Travelling around on location you’ll be able to work all day with your entire outfit without becoming tired out.
❚ Because you’re not carrying big and imposing cameras you’re less likely to attract unwanted attention from authority or sneak thieves.
❚ Most modern travel cameras offer excellent low light capabilities so that you can carry on working as the light falls, and many will also feature image stabilisation to enable long exposures.

Disadvantages of Travel Kit

❚ Full size, fully featured full-frame mirrorless and DSLR cameras are still likely to have more features.
❚ You’ll have all your kit with you in one bag, so if you do suffer a theft then you’ll lose everything in one hit.
❚ Mini tripods are great for steadying cameras for night shots and longer exposures but you will need to find a suitable surface, such as a table or a wall, to rest them on.

MPB Travel Kit Prices

Panasonic Lumix G100 from £364
Fujifilm X100 V from £1099
Nikon Z50 from £519
Canon PowerShot G3 X from £37


FOR ANYONE TRAVELLING every single piece of kit has to be chosen carefully because thereʼs no room for excess gear that will weigh you down and take up space. For this reason think mirrorless, and consider whether full-frame is necessary or whether a crop sensor model might still give you what you need while being as small and compact as you’re going to get.

A top class compact is a worthwhile addition, because this could slip in a pocket if you really do want to travel incognito and it will also save your skin in an emergency if your main camera suffers a breakdown. Look for a model with a fast and wide fixed lens that can cope with most of your run ʼn gun type scenarios, or one that offers a substantial zoom range to give you more in the way of flexibility. While the latter approach might sound like a better option, it will be bigger and, being a zoom, itʼs likely that its widest aperture won’t be so large.

Look around and decide what’s best for your requirements and then when you’re trading in your used gear MPB will give you the option to buy exactly what you’re after all as part of the same transaction.
Potential Trade-Ins:

❚ Fujfilm X-Pro 2. Good condition trade-in £455
❚ Nikon D750. Good condition trade-in £560
❚ Canon EOS 5D III. Good condition trade-in £550

MPBʼs website is geared up to offering trade ins and you’ll be able to input details of kit you have to sell and also add at that stage any gear that you’re looking to buy. You’ll receive an honest quotation and will be able to work your way up to the cost of the kit you’re looking to acquire, topping up the amount with cash if necessary or coming away with a surplus that will be paid direct into your bank account.



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