Let’s face it, when it comes down to it we’ve all got a pretty good idea in our own minds which photographers would make it onto our personal list of 50 top UK wedding photographers. And we’re fully aware that, by sticking our neck out and compiling our own personal list of high flyers and influencers here at Professional Photo, in association with our valued partner Narrative, we’re going to be including some names in here that not everyone will agree with, while leaving out others who could well be your personal favourites.

But then that’s lists for you and we’re more than happy for you to come back and tell us why a particular photographer you champion really should have been included. Who knows, in the process you might very well convince us that you’re absolutely right! And we’re not claiming this to be a definitive list, simply these are the 50 photographic businesses that we’ve been aware of for some time and who have consistently impressed us with their originality, drive, great business sense and, naturally, stunning imagery.

In a year that’s been so very difficult for everyone connected with the wedding business we’d like our list to be a touch of positivity, so dive in, take a look around and see what you think. If you’re looking for inspiration you’ve come to the right place!


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So without further ado, here are our Top 50 UK Wedding Photographers!

Alline Beatrici   Brighton  

info@beatriciphotography.co.uk                Website

Alline is a Brazilian living in Brighton and shooting weddings all over the UK and beyond. She has a very mellow approach that allows her subjects to relax and just be in the moment. She has an artistic eye and picks out moments and details to create multi-layered wedding stories for laid back couples.

Andy Gaines   York  

   andy@andygaines.com           Website

Andy lives in the city of York but travels all over the world for weddings. He’s a photographer who shoots from the inside, with a bucket load of empathy and charm. He’s there for the unexpected moments that nobody planned as well as the clever portraits that have won him a multitude of awards. He’s one of the founders of Nine Dots, an annual conference for wedding photography.

Ben Wheeler   London  

benjamin.wheeler@me.com             Website

It’s no surprise that Ben was recently asked to shoot Princess Beatrice’s wedding. With a background in fashion photography, he is one of the most charming men in the industry and is in high demand from relaxed but highly style conscious clients. His portfolio is image after image that could easily win an award on its own.

Caro Weiss   Glasgow 

Glasgow based Caro Weiss grew up in Germany, studied photography in Brighton and has been shooting weddings and elopements since 2008. She has a painterly, editorial look to her images and creates uncluttered frames that tell stories and evoke emotion.

Chris Barber   London  

Chris could possibly be described as an introverted extrovert and this quality brings an empathetic but energetic quality to his work. He’s there for the party but he’s really interested in the love and relationships. He might be the outsider inside the wedding and his obvious fascination for human interaction combines with creative skills to produce outstanding collections of images.

Chris Parkinson   Durham 

Chris is a UK and destination wedding photographer that works with effortlessly cool and laid back couples. He’s there for the big moments and the tiny details. Movement and light are the palette that he uses to capture feelings and fleeting points in time, creating a gorgeous portfolio.

Cinzia  Bruschini London  

The incredible Italian photographer Cinzia Bruschini resides in London. Along with her team of associates, she shoots weddings all over the globe, producing a high fashion aesthetic for a very discerning clientele. It is unsurprising that she has been awarded some of the industry’s highest accolades including being named as one of the Top 10 wedding photographers in the world by Harpers Bazaar.

Dale Weeks   South East 

Living down on the South Coast, Dale has an effortless, relaxed approach which attracts extremely stylish couples. He manages to make his clients look incredibly cool whilst also bringing a warmth that comes from a fascination for human interaction. It’s a candid approach that allows space for their personalities to come across.

Ed Godden   Midlands  

ed@edgodden.co.uk             Website

Midlands based Ed, has a background in photojournalism and you can witness that fascination for people and stories across his wedding images. He has a gritty, edgier style that is honest, raw but also uplifting. He’s there to record relationships, record the events and reflect what really happened and how it really felt.

Emilie White   London  

emilie@emiliewhite.com             Website

French born Londoner Emilie, has a flair for capturing fleeting moments and evoking emotion. Her images have that added veneer of elegance and carefree expression that could be traced back to some of the great fashion photographers working in Paris in the early to mid twentieth century.

Emma & Rich   Scarborough  

Scarborough wedding photography duo Emma and Rich believe that everyone looks good when they are having fun. There’s more than a passing nod to Martin Parr in their images which often gently collude with the subjects to extract the extraordinariness of wedding days. You can tell that Emma and Rich are very much laughing with their couples and right at the hear of the action.

Enchanted Brides   Cornwall  

Based down in glorious Cornwall, Jo and Patrick from Enchanted Brides focus solely on capturing elopements and small weddings. Their clients are adventurous and their beautiful images have an earthy wildness to them, often featuring the dramatic landscapes and seascapes of their local area.

Epic Love Story  London  

Emma from Epic Love Story is a self confessed romantic who works hard to capture the energy of a wedding and the personality of the edgy, alternative couples that she shoots. She will keep shooting while joining in the party and as a result, gets right into the heart of a wedding.

Esme Whiteside   North West  

Esme is up in the North West and brings a darker romance to her wedding work through deep, rich toning. She has a fine art background and you can see elements of the great masters when it comes to how Esme crafts light and shadow. Her typical client is very fashion driven with an eye for detail.

Ian Weldon   Newscastle  

info@ianweldon.com             Website

“Ian plugs this line about NOT being a wedding photographer. I know what he means, but this clever strap line is deceptive as he is the most real wedding photographer I have ever encountered” – Martin Parr. Ian’s journey into photography is fascinating and he approaches weddings with a desire to create an unbiased documentation of a day. To him each photograph has equal importance and he is currently in the unique position of being considered an artist with his wedding images hung in galleries and published in books.

Igor Demba     UK & World  

info@igordemba.com             Website

Portugese photographer Igor lives in the UK but travels all over the world to document incredible weddings. His artistic, relaxed approach means that he is in high demand. His images are rich, packed full of emotion and often in spectacular surroundings. He brings a sophisticated glamour to the industry but also you can tell that he simply loves doing this, like a true artisan.

In Between Days   Manchester

Couple, Laura and Alex shoot weddings together all over the UK but they are currently living in Manchester. They make an effort to get to know their clients ahead of a wedding day so that they can accurately tell their story and slot into the day like two guests with cameras. Their images radiate warmth and you can tell that they’ve gone above and beyond to make their subjects feel at ease.

Jo & Liam   Scotland  

info@joplusliam.com             Website

Scottish wedding photographer, Jo Donaldson has now brought in her partner Liam to form a team who go above and beyond on a wedding day to ensure that a couple not only end up with great images but have a great experience. They bring the fun factor out in people and not only record the memories but help to create the memories.

Jo Greenfield   Lake district  

Jo lives in the wonderful Lake District so it’s no surprise to learn that she has a great passion for outdoor adventures. Her couples gravitate towards the same and plan weddings and elopements that incorporate nature or embrace the elements. There is a wild energy to her work and a muted colour palette that let’s the details shine.

Joanna Brown   Brighton 

Currently living in Brighton but with plans to split her time between the UK and France, Joanna combines fine art with photojournalism. Her frames are thoughtful and intentional windows into emotions or events. She shoots with digital and film cameras as she is on a lifelong exploration of what it means to be a photographer.

Kevin Mullins   Malmesbury  

Welsh born Kevin is one of the UK’s most established documentary wedding photographers. He is hugely respected and known best for his candid images that are emotion driven but also seeking the humour in wedding days. He has an obvious passion for it that he passes on through education and public speaking on an international level.

Lisa Devlin   Brighton  

lisa@devlinphotos.co.uk             Website

Living down on the coast in Brighton, Lisa fell into shooting weddings after a career as a music industry photography. Her work tends to be on the edgy part of the spectrum and her clients tend to be on the alternative side. She’s one of the most established photographers in the UK and has picked up many an accolade on the way. She also runs the wonderful Photography Farm, training many other wedding photographers.

Lisa Jane  London

Birmingham based, Lisa is passionate about film and instant photography. She focuses in on the many small moments that add up to a bigger picture. Lisa builds a close bond with her wedding couples in the time before their wedding so that she can accurately tell their story with an intimate eye and clever framing.

Marianne Chua  London  

hello@mariannechua.com             Website

London based Marianne offers person-centred wedding photography. She has a flexible approach that is driven by the personalities of her subjects. Marianne likes to take an unobtrusive but attentive stance to allow moments to happen naturally and be well positioned to capture them. Her images are bright, fun and energetic.

Mark Pacura   Glasgow

Originally from Poland, Mark has settled in Glasgow but his wedding photography takes him all over the world. He is known for shooting in epic landscapes but still creates a sense of intimacy. He attracts adventurous couples who want an experience out in some of the world’s most beautiful locations. Mark delivers beautiful, impactful images that deserve to be printed large and hung on walls.

Matt Parry   London  

Matt Parry has carved out his own niche in wedding photography. His party images are grimy, energetic and fascinating. You can almost smell the sweat when you look at them and they capture the atmosphere so well. He also has a different take on the tradition of group shots and makes interesting compositions from them. Finally, he produces edgy portraits of couples and so it’s no wonder he attracts clients that want anything but ordinary wedding photography.

Miki Studios   London  

info@mikistudios.com             Website

Miki Studios is Mick Shah and Ash Davenport, a London based cinematography and photography duo. They can be booked as a pair or individually and take a very personal approach, building relationships with a limited number of stylish couples per year. Their obvious enthusiasm shines through. The images are very finely crafted and stand out in the busy London market.

Neil Thomas Douglas   Glasgow  

Glaswegian Neil has pretty much cornered the market in Scottish Elopements. They might be in the wilds of The Isle of Skye, feeding deer in Glencoe or walking the streets of an urban setting. But it’s nearly always golden light, rainbows or some slightly magical element. It might be pure luck but chances are it’s actually down to very careful planning and the resulting images are extraordinary.

Nicola Dixon   Yorkshire  

When you think of Yorkshire based Nicola Dixon, you think of glamorous destination weddings and elopements with equally glamorous clients. Her aesthetic is clean, natural and warm and her images are packed with joy and elegance. She limits the bookings that she takes on so that she can also produce wonderful styled shoots for the Wild Ones global styled workshops.


Nigel John   North-East  

heyhey@nigeljohn.com             Website

North East photographer Nigel John brings a sophisticated eye to weddings. Perhaps as he also shoots commercial work, he seems to favour a clean frame free from any distracting elements. The resulting images are understated but quietly powerful. They stand out for their ability to depict an entire narrative in one capture.

Nikki Leadbetter  Scotland  

Scottish photographer Nikki, lets her love of adventure and the landscape shine through in her wedding images. Like many photographers North Of the Border, she shoots plenty of elopements but Nikki brings an intimacy that shows a deep understanding of relationships to hers. She also has an experimental edge that creates additional visual interest.

Paula O’Hara  N. Ireland  

info@paulaohara.com             Website

Paula lives on the shores of Loch Neagh in Northern Ireland and has been an acclaimed wedding photographer for over a decade. Her work has an ethereal luminosity and soft romantic feel to it. You can see that she has a background in magazines as she shoots with layouts in mind and how a story flows from one part into another.

Rebecca Carpenter   Kent  

Rebecca burst onto the wedding photography scene in 2017 and has been ripping up the rule book ever since. She fills her portfolio with stunning styled shoots and then uses those to attract her dream clients for weddings and elopements. She has rapidly grown a fan base amongst her couples and her fellow photographers and seems to have an unstoppable drive and artistic flair.

Rob Dight         N. Ireland  

Based over in Northern Ireland, Rob focuses solely on elopements and couple shoots. He uses the dramatic landscape of the North Atlantic Coast to create backdrops for some truly jaw dropping images. Maybe people come to him as they feel inspired by the locations used in Game of Thrones but what they end up with are images that are both epic and intimate. The focus is always on their connection, even in the most breath taking environments.

Ross Harvey   London  

hello@rossharvey.com              Website

Working at the higher end of the market, Ross is combining Photojournalism with Fine Art to create an extremely impressive body of work. Many of the weddings that he shoots are on a grand scale and he has the skill to meet the equally high expectations. Yet he still manages to create a sense of intimacy and empathy with his subjects. He offers limitless coverage, staying until he feels the full story has been covered. He’s won many accolades for his extraordinary photography and will no doubt win many more.

Salsabil Morrison   Norfolk  

Salsabil lives in Norfolk and found her passion for photography through documenting her own life. She considers photographs to be a visual diary and at weddings, she is seeking out all the moments that go into making the story for that one day.

Sean Bell   Edinburgh  

Sean is another photographer specialising in elopements from his base near Edinburgh. His great love of the outdoors and adventure is evident when you look at his work. He often takes his equally adventurous couples on a journey around an area of Scotland where they create daring images together. However Sean also manages to interpret their emotions into quieter images so we always get a sense of their bond as well as the experience they had on the shoot.

Simple Tapestry   N. Ireland  

Simple Tapestry is husband and wife duo Declan and Brideen. They live in Northern Ireland where they are well known for their highly creative wedding photography. They take the personality of a wedding and elevate that into statement images, bringing plenty of influence from the quirkier film makers.

Love Luella Photography   Wales  

loveluella@outlook.com             Website

Welsh-Jamaican photographer Tash Jones of Love Luella Photography​  has a portfolio packed full of beautiful images of joy and emotion. She obviously has a fantastic rapport with her subjects as they all look very at ease. Many of her portraits have a natural intimacy that invites the viewer in and a warmth that makes you want to stick around for whatever is happening.

The Caryls   Scotland 

hello@thecaryls.co.uk             Website

The Caryls are a wedding photography duo living in Scotland. Their obvious love of nature creates a common thread throughout their work and attracts couples that want be be in the outdoors for their portraits or ceremonies. They create layered stories, rich with detail and romance.

The Crawleys   Cheshire  

info@the-crawleys.com             Website

Liam Crawley has carved out a pretty unique niche for himself in the wedding photography industry. He utilises not just a camera but also a drone and water housing to produce images from many possible perspectives. The resulting photos are visually diverse, original and unexpected. His other half, Bea then often elevates them even higher in post production. It’s no wonder this team are right at the top of the game.

The Curries   London  

hello@thecurries.co             Website

Chris and Gillian Currie take a modern, editorial and pared back approach to wedding photography. Their backgrounds in fashion and fine art combine with a love for people watching to produce interesting images that seem effortless. There’s an urban honesty to their work and a sense that they shoot from the inside.

The Kitcheners  Scotland  

Dylan is Australian and Joanna is from Poland, they fell in love and then they both fell in love with Scotland where they now live. They have been leading the way with the Scottish, elopement, story telling movement and inspire many other photographers. They shoot all over the world, getting deep into the heart of relationships and beautifully crafting both photo journals and films.

Through The Woods We Ran  Bristol 

This Australian duo chose Bristol as their home and set up shop as alternative wedding photographers. Lauren and Glenn’s images feel fresh and packed with joy. They have a modernistic, vivacious attitude that injects vitality into their portfolio.

Vicki White   Hampshire  

When you think of By Vicki, you think of a vibrant colour palette and couples that are out for fun. She attracts a cool, alternative style of wedding and injects a lot of energy and enthusiasm into her work. Her images are joyous and stand out for their brightness plus Vicki’s obvious rapport with her subjects

Wojtek Chrapek   London  

Originally from Poland but now a Londoner, Wojtek from Voyteck Photography shoots with a creative, reportage style. There is a vibrant, uplifting energy in his images and he reflects the elegance of both his couples and their venues in his photography.

York Place  Scarborough  

York Place Studios is a small, family team offering wedding photography and videography. They are incredibly passionate about shooting with a true documentary eye. Nothing is staged or posed but still very intentional and crafted. They often shoot wide and use layers to build a scene and relay a rich narrative within each frame.

Zehra Jagani   Manchester

weddings@zehra.co.uk             Website

Born in London but now living in Manchester, Zehra has a very layered way of building up a wedding day story with details and portraits. There is a stillness and calm in many of her images that leaves room for the love to come to the forefront.

Zoe Alexandra   Scotland  

Zoë intertwines her obvious love for quiet interiors and the wild landscape of her native Scotland into beautifully crafted images. Her focus will be the connections on a wedding day and allowing for moments of gentle reflection in between the bigger events.

Zohaib Ali  London  

info@zohaibali.co.uk             Website

Zohaib is one of the UK’s leading wedding photographers in the Luxe Asian and Indian market. His work is colourful and refined, showing opulence but also relationships. His shots make a statement and have a sumptuous texture to them. They look like editorials from a magazine that you’d really love to read.

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