This is video above is a supplement to the article in issue 176 of Professional Photo.

AS ALL PROFESSIONAL photographers know, metadata is information buried in your image’s DNA that provides essential data on what kit was used to capture the file, when it was taken and also detailed copyright information if you’ve programmed your camera to record this.

However, Affinity Photo also enables photographers to add additional information to the metadata of each file, such as caption descriptions, and this can prove extremely useful to professional imagemakers, particularly those who submit images to stock sites or press associations. Ultimately, adding caption information enables photo editors to quickly and easily check the information that comes with an image to ensure it’s being used in the correct context.

While all this may sound a little complicated, the truth is that it’s actually really simple and takes just a couple of minutes of your time within the easy-to-navigate Affinity Photo interface. Spending this time adding the metadata information will also stack the odds in your favour of a photo editor or stock site selecting your image in preference to a similar image that might have no metadata info attached.

What’s more, Affinity Photo allows users to rate images using a five-star system, so if you’re the sort of photographer who fires off hundreds of images during a photoshoot, you can quickly go through the set and select your favourites for use later on. Finally, ensuring that all your copyright data is correct in the metadata will protect you as a professional from any image theft situation, as the data can be recorded with your name, website details and so on. Affinity Photo enables you to edit metadata of both Raw and JPEG files so let’s see how it’s done…


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