This is video above is a supplement to the article in issue 179 of Professional Photo.

Thie video above is a supplement to the article in Issue 179 of Professional Photo magazine.

PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS know that the classic black and white head shot never goes out of fashion and many are also aware that developing this portrait from a Raw file original offers you far more tolerance in post-processing, whether this involves correcting exposure levels, recovering detail in the skin tones or sorting out a host of other elements that will allow you to push every pixel further than if you had shot a straight out-of-camera JPEG.

To edit a Raw file you need the right image-editing software, and Affinity Photo features a dedicated Develop persona that not only gives you a huge amount of control in this department but it also helps to ensure that this task is remarkably painless.

Within this dedicated Raw development environment there are endless options to perfect a portrait, but we’ve put together a seamless and speedy workflow that will deliver great results every time. Follow our guide and you’ll be able to transform a colour portrait into a classic mono makeover in less than five minutes – after all, less time editing means more time with the camera.

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