This is video above is a supplement to the article in issue 177 of Professional Photo.

PROFESSIONAL ACTION photography is all about delivering the feel of energy in the frame. The aim is to capture a sense of motion and speed, and the more these values are on display the better your chances of landing commissions or selling on stock sites. With pro automotive photography especially, giving the audience the illusion that the car was travelling at speed can be especially important.

Of course, Murphy’s law being what it is, at the actual point of capture you could well have found yourself limited through a number of factors outside of your control. For example, there could be speed limits in play if the car is a pre-production model or weather conditions won’t allow for the desired fast tracking shots, and you’re left with a selection of static-looking shots that just don’t convey the excitement you were looking to come away with. It’s at these times when a little pixel polishing can go a long way and Affinity Photo’s Blur Filters have the potential to really save the day. Zoom blur for example can simulate the look and feel of speed by blurring elements in the frame, leaving only your main subject free of the streak lines of motion. When used carefully it’s an effective technique and is straightforward to achieve. Here’s how to inject speed into your scenes…


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