Venus, an etherial and luminous symbol of beauty, is the subject of International water artist and photographer Christy Lee Rogers’ latest release “Venus Rising.”  In response to the growing devastation of the Coronavirus around the world, she’s orchestrating a quick release of the first image from her up-until-now secret “Gravity” collection.  Two edition sets will go on sale immediately, with all proceeds going to Save the Children, and No Kid Hungry charities.

“Venus Rising”  by Christy Lee Rogers @christyleerogers


Inspired by Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus” and the idea that contemplating her beauty is a way to elevate the human spirit and get closer to the divine, the image shows three figures lifting up and supporting the central character on a fabric created sea shell.  A representation of humanities strength to come together to protect the beauty of our way of life, and the persistence of mankind during such a vulnerable time in history. Photographed underwater, the light illuminates the central figures through darkness.  A peaceful Venus appears to rise up unscathed into a moment of triumph.

Rogers says that she is dedicating this image to humanity during one of it’s most trying moments in history, with a special dedication to Italy.  “Italy has a profound place in my heart, and I want to see all of it’s people, it’s artists and it’s creativity recover fast and continue to create their beauty for the world.”  Rogers works have often been compared to sixteenth century Italian painters like Caravaggio, with her strong use of chiaroscuro lighting techniques.

Rogers goes on to say “I can not bear to see so much suffering in the world.  It’s as if everything changed over night.  I couldn’t get any of my normal routines done, and the only thing that felt right and calmed me was to create.  A few days ago, upon completing the ‘Venus Rising’ image, I started to feel hope again.  I started to home school my son and to really see what was in front of me.  So many people coming together to help, and all from a physical distance.  And I truly believe that no matter what life may throw at us, we have the power to love, to create and to dream up our future.  No one– nothing can take that from us.” 

Christy Lee Rogers is an International underwater artist from Hawaii who last year was selected as Open Photographer of the Year for the Sony World Photography Awards. She was commissioned by Apple to make a series of photographs using the iPhone 11Pro and Apple made a behind-the-scenes process film about her. The Independent of London compared her underwater photography to the works of Caravaggio, Delacroix, Rubens and Titian.  And CNN had this to say about her works “Rogers is changing the way water is used in photography to create images that can easily be mistaken for paintings and that push the boundaries of reality.”


Editions and Sizes of Venus Rising:  

21 x 30’’     (53 x 76 cm)           Edition of 200        Paper $1,111
28 x 40’’    (71 x 101.5 cm)       Edition of 100         Paper $1,555

All prints are printed on 100% cotton Hahnemuhle 315 gram watercolor museum quality paper.  Rolled and packed in extra study tube.  Shipping will take place within 2- 6 weeks, as postal services are available and open.  Your print will come signed on the back with a special Coronavirus note from Christy.

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