I don’t suppose that there are too many of us who have ever experienced times such as these and my heart goes out to all of those who are being affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic in any way, whether it be through the worry of illness affecting themselves or loved ones or through the fall out that’s swept through the creative industry like a whirlwind over this past couple of weeks, taking away the immediate livelihoods of untold numbers of hard working people virtually overnight.

It’s hard to find many positives to take from this situation, but if there is one small one it’s the way that so many have reacted to this situation in the spirit of resilience and with a mind to not only survive through these hard times but

importantly to stand up and be counted and to look out for others as well as themselves. The new few months will say a lot about the calibre of the person you are yourself and the people you deal with and, if you conduct yourself in the right way, that sense of solidarity, either with your clients or your fellow professionals, will stand you in good stead as you rebuild your business.

This is a time for communicating with others in your area who might be running similar small businesses and of discussing how you can share knowledge and resources and support one another. Virtual networking has never been more important and business rivalries need to be put to one side for now. You could find that, even when this is all over, a more collective approach might benefit all concerned.

As a magazine whose readership consists primarily of small business owners we’ll be doing our very best over the coming weeks to play whatever part we can. A new Business Section will be set up to carry the very latest information for those looking for guidance, whether that be financial advice, tips on how to communicate with your clients to keep their business or innovative ways that others in a similar situation have come up with to adapt to the situation and to still find work. We’ll also make a commitment to anyone in the industry who is offering support to creatives – such as Serif’s excellent initiative to offer a full 90-day free trial of its entire Affinity suite to small businesses – that we’ll publicise what they’re doing and will spread the word through this website.

We’ll endeavour to keep on publishing throughout this period but it’s clear that the website and online communications will become more important than ever. To give our subscribers a taste of what we can offer as an alternative should you not be able to get out to the newsagent to pick up our physical magazine, we’ll be sending you out a digital link to Issue 170 when it’s published on April 6. It will be a chance to see what our swish new page turner software can offer so take a look and see what you think.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your positive stories, which I would love to share and, as a small business myself that’s going to be equally under pressure over the coming months, I totally get what you’re going through and share many of your emotions. But if we stay strong and look after one another we will get through this and I sincerely hope that we’ll collectively all still be standing once we reach the other side.

Terry Hope,

Editor, Publisher Professional Photo

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